Amy Lee’s Tips for College Bound Students

Follow these tips to get your college bound student packed up and moved into the dorm:

  1. BEFORE packing items into boxes, suitcases, trunks, etc. think about WHERE you will be storing these items in the dorm and WHAT you will be using to store them. For example, if you are taking dishes and a dish pan, un-pack the dishes from their original boxes and put them in the dish pan so that you can go directly from the vehicle to the dorm room shelf! Milk crates are great items for packing/transporting books/notebooks/folders. Once in the dorm, books go on shelves supplied and the crate turned upside down serves as the “microwave stand”, “TV/X-Box stand”, or right side up for “shoe storage” or “magazines”.

  2. Gather items you are taking (Fridge, Microwave, Hanging Clothing, School Supplies, Folded Clothing, Computer, Sound System/TV/Gaming System, Personal Items, Bath Items, Laundry Supplies, etc.) along with STORAGE containers (Plastic Containers/Lids, Totes, Milk Crates, Duffel Bags, Baskets, etc.)

  3. Sort items by size. Larger items, boxes, square items, odd shapes, loose items that are non-breakable to use as filler and wraps (Bedding, Garment Bags, etc.) for breakable items (such as a TV).

  4. Start loading by choosing the Largest Items first such as the fridge and/or microwave.
  5. Next, load the boxed/square items.
  6. Now that you have those packed, use your STORAGE containers and pack like things together into those. (i.e. pack milk crate with books/notebooks, load dishes into dish pan, fill shower tote with bath/shower items, fill small plastic cubes for organizing drawers with socks, undergarments, fill small plastic containers/lids with school supplies, stock baskets with cereal bars, snacks, microwave popcorn, packets of oatmeal, utensil holder with knives/forks/spoons/can opener/pizza cutter, etc.)
  7. Continue loading using the STORAGE items and odd shaped items. Use bedding and garment bags to fill the space.
  8. Also, take fabric/flexible plastic items that can be used later when needed for storage. For example, take an under-bed storage bag for those sweaters and sweatshirts that will be showing up in the fall, or for storing those boots and shoes that will replace the sandals which required very little storage space.
  9. Remember to always have a duffel bag and laundry bag on hand for stuffing weekend clothes and dirty laundry into your friend’s (the friend without the SUV LOL) car trunk or under your feet ;-)

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