Organizing the Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom and closet neat and organized is easy if you follow these suggestions:

  1. Invest in a good sturdy clothes hamper for each bedroom (make sure that children's rooms have hampers that they can tote to the laundry room).
  2. Keep a mesh lingerie bag or small laundry bag on a hook or door knob in each bedroom for each family member's dirty socks (they can be washed in the mesh bag and makes sorting time easier).
  3. Only store clothing, shoes, purses, accessories in each bedroom closet, if you can't wear it or carry it, store it somewhere else! (Exceptions: A small 6 qt or 15 qt plastic container with lid can be used for (1) each family member to store photos, cards, momentos and/or (2) one may also be used to store shoe polish, cloth, and other shoe care items.)
  4. Use top shelf in closet for rarely worn (Derby Hats, Formal Shoes/Bag, etc.) or seasonal items during the off-season (Swimsuits, Sandals, Ski Wear, etc.)
  5. Keep clothing and accessories worn daily stored together in the easies to access area of the closet.
  6. Store weekend or weekly items together (Church Outfits, Workout Wear, Scout Uniforms, etc.) in the area harder to access of the closet.
  7. Store Formal Clothing, Holiday Wear, Costumes, etc. in the hardest to reach area of the closet or in another location of closet space will not allow.
  8. Donate anything that has not been worn in two (2) consecutive seasons.
  9. Donate any clothing that does not make you feel good, look good or that you do not really really like.
  10. Donate clothing that can only be worn if a substantial amount of weight is lost. Face it, if you lose that much, you deserve a new and updated wardrobe!
  11. Toss anything requiring extensive repair or that is simply worn out. Also toss un-matched socks after mate has been missing after two weeks of laundry.
  12. Keep socks in drawers folded with mates and separated by color for quick access. Shoe boxes can be used for this in larger/deeper drawers or spring-loaded dividers are available for around $14/pair.
  13. Keep short-sleeved shirts/t-shirts separate from long-sleeved ones (in different drawers or on different shelves) to eliminate unfolding each one to see the sleeve length.
  14. Bottom line, store like items together. Whether they are shorts, cardigan sweaters, or sweatshirts, time spent up front sorting through and organizing those items now will come back ten-fold when scurrying around trying to find a cardigan for Church after you realize it's chillier outside than you thought it was when you had dressed earlier!

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