For those who are in the process of designing and/or building a new home we can assist you in determining your storage needs even before a plan has been determined. We will meet with you in your current home to assess your needs by reviewing your storage situation and taking an inventory of everything that needs a place in your new home.
If you have chosen a plan and are currently in the process of building or are going to start the process soon, we can begin working with you at any stage along the way. We will review your plans with you and simply design your new closet systems to fit in the space already allotted for your storage.


For homeowners with existing homes, condos, town homes, or patio homes, we will work with you on replacing and/or enhancing your existing closets and storage areas. Our goal is the same whether you are building a new home or improving your existing home, and that is to maximize your storage space. Not to mention designing an overall solution that meets your specific wants and needs!
At Organize IT!, we specialize in working with our clients to design a custom solution that not only meets their storage needs, but also maximizes their current space available. Making home storage simple and efficient can quickly turn a chaotic home into a peaceful one.

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