Amy Lee, founder of Organize It of Louisville, can help you organize your business, your home and your personal "stuff". Her attention to detail and the completeness of her service will demonstrate why her approach to organizing is unsurpassed.

If your clutter is giving you a fit, simply call Amy to organize it!


Do you avoid opening your closets for fear that the contents will bury you alive?


Is it difficult to find the last can of peas you know you have in the kitchen pantry because everything else is in the way?


Is the playroom impossible to navigate?

Is your basement so disorganized that you could not find anything if you had to?

Has the car never seen the inside of the garage?

Let Organize IT! help you put order back in your home! We not only clean out the closet, garage, bedroom, basement or pantry, but we install shelves and whatever it takes to help you find and organize the contents more easily. In addition, we help you put the contents back into the newly organized area. We are  not finished until you are happy with the results!


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