Amy Lee, founder of Organize It of Louisville, can help you organize your business, your home and your personal "stuff". Her attention to detail and the completeness of her service will demonstrate why her approach to organizing is unsurpassed.

If your clutter is giving you a fit, simply call Amy to organize it!

It is very easy for the home office or business to become buried in clutter. Bills get hidden under client folders, folders get misplaced, mail that ultimately needs your attention finds itself in the wrong stack or worse yet, on the floor or in the trash. 

Having supplies readily available saves valuable time and allows you to be more productive. It will also be easier to determine when additional supplies are needed so that you do not run out of a critical supply at the wrong time.

Organize IT! can help you put order back in the office. We can help you with space utilization suggestions and with the management of your paperwork and even your computer files. No job is too big or too small! 

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